Work with a team of professionals who are experts in financing luxury, jumbo mortgages.

Jumbo loan guidelines are very different from conventional loans. Bill's experience navigating complex tax-returns and financial situations allows him to determine the best loan program for his clients. He understands the nuanced details of jumbo guidelines and works with many of the best jumbo investors. His primary goal is always to help you get the best rate and loan program that meet your needs, while closing on time.


A jumbo loan is typically needed when purchasing a luxury property.

Jumbo loans include any loan amount that exceeds $484,350 throughout most of the United States. There are, however, a few counties in the US where a jumbo loan is anything over $679,650 – these are considered high cost areas.

Jumbo loan guidelines can vary greatly from conventional loans in terms of credit score requirement, down payment, and liquid asset reserves. There are many jumbo investors out there – Bill works with the best and is informed in the jumbo specific guidelines of each. With this knowledge and experience, he ensures that your loan program meets your individual needs, while offering the best rates and closing on time.

“Bill has done several mortgages for me. As an owner of commercial real estate, my tax returns don’t match my cash flow, and most lenders just don’t understand. In both cases, Bill worked hard to explain the variances in order to get the loans closed at the terms that he originally quoted. I would highly recommend Bill Black for mortgages.”
— Thomas C., Home Owner